About TG's

Welcome to tg’s, one of the oldest and finest restaurants this side of the Rockies. This tavern has changed owners and names a number of times over the last century, but one thing remains consistent – our commitment to good food, good service, and good times!

Come for the BEEF,
Stay for the Brews!

John and Bobby Kennedy would stop by for an occasional visit to talk with folks and grab a bite to eat. Who knows… maybe they sat where you’d be sitting. Hubert Humphrey, along with other famous sports figures and dignitaries, have dined here as well. With food as good as ours, you just never know who’s gonna stop by for lunch on any given day.

Throughout its many years of service, the tavern has managed to retain its historic character and image. It has a well-earned reputation not only as a clean, family-friendly public establishment but as a cornerstone of Kenosha, Wisconsin’s historic lakeshore neighborhood and center of downtown tourism, where locals and out-of-towners can enjoy good food and drink. So bring the family in for dinner today!

Management & Ownership

A business is only as strong as the ownership and management are. Here at TG's we firmly believe in setting the tone with great food & beverage.
kristine brittich, owner, tg's restaurant & pub
Kristine Brittich


Lifelong Kenosha resident, with a passion for serving the community, who undertook ownership in Spring of 2019.

Justin Sawyer


15+ years within the food & beverage industry, with a wealth of knowledge & passion for food, wine, and craft beer.