The Best
Hot Beef in Kenosha

Come for the BEEF,
Stay for the Brews!

Home of the Best Hot Beef in Kenosha

Looking for the best hot beef in Kenosha? Established in 1889, TG’s is one of the oldest restaurants & pubs on this side of the Rockies! We pride ourselves in providing the most exceptional hot beef around! High-quality ingredients and a time-tested recipe results in one of the best hot beef sandwiches you’ll ever eat in your lifetime! Our signature sandwich is comprised of delicious, shredded beef on a Kaiser bun that is SOAKED in Italian-seasoned au jus. You may need a fork to get through this delicious masterpiece, but we know you’ll be satisfied with the result!

Beyond the Beef

If our flagship sandwich doesn’t catch your attention, DON’T WORRY! We offer many menu options to tickle your tastebuds! From Soups & Salads like our Stuffed Green Pepper soup or our Protein Your Way Salad to sandwiches like Kahlua’s Revenge (Another TG’s Original) or our Kenosha Hot Chicken sandwich, there’s something for everyone! (We even have a kids’ menu!). Visit our MENU page to view all of our dinner fares and stop by today to experience Kenosha’s Famous Hot Beef for yourself or any of our amazing entrees!

Management & Ownership

A business is only as strong as the ownership and management are. Here at TG's we firmly believe in setting the tone with great food & beverage.
kristine brittich, owner, tg's restaurant & pub
Kristine Brittich


Lifelong Kenosha resident, with a passion for serving the community, who undertook ownership in Spring of 2019.

justin sawyer, general manager, tg's restaurant & pub
Justin Sawyer


15+ years within the food & beverage industry, with a wealth of knowledge & passion for food, wine, and craft beer.